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Basic Philosophy



Fair and neutral opinions come from sincerity and independence.

We believe that an audit by a certified public accountant is a job that gives the audit client the “trust earned by society”. In order to guarantee the appropriateness of financial information released by companies, etc., we must first earn the trust of society. This trust is our “product”.

The reason why we are professional experts is that we comply with auditing standards and professional ethics, perform necessary auditing procedures in good faith, and express our independent opinions and views as a fair and unbiased third party based on the results. We believe that our independence is a sign that we are trusted by society.


We seek to understand the differences among nations, races, and cultures, to reconcile the various conflicts in economic society in a fair manner, and to believe in harmony.

Global standards are also changing due to political and economic changes around the world. We pursue the principles of accounting from a broad perspective of economics, management, and finance, and contribute to the sound management of companies by providing them with timely and accurate information. In an economic society, all corporate transactions are based on conflicts of interest. There is also a conflict between the client who is audited by our auditors and the readers of the financial statements to whom our audit opinion is attached. Our genuine opinions reconcile these conflicts and bring harmony, thus creating trust.

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